Adam Bartel

My name is Adam and I graduated information design – Thanks to the vast amount of experience i gathered over the years, I am able to put my knowledge into good use. 

My specialties are UX (User experience) and SEO (search engine optimization). Thanks to my experience in UX, the projects I create are intuitive and accessible to users. My analytical skills are crucial in SEO optimization of websites. Over time, I have gathered various Google certificates and ranked in the top 5% in Linkedin’s SEO evaluation.

After work, I like reading good books and evenings with friends playing board games.

I am waiting for new challenges, contact me, and we will discuss your project.

SEO specialist
UI Specialist


Wojciech Opitz


My name is Wojtek, my passion is design. Simply put – I like making things look good.

I am happy to get involved in new projects. I have designed several book layouts, working with authors is always an inspiration and a challenge that drives me. I have also carried out interesting branding projects and created promotional materials.

I am an graduate of multimedia and computer graphics.

A good atmosphere at work gives me energy, it is what allows the best projects to be created. In my spare time I like to cook and edit videos. Contact me, I will be happy to show you what I have been working on before and we will determine what I can do for you.