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09 December, 2021

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About us tab – How to write it?

In recent years, and especially during the pandemic period, we have seen a significant increase in the importance of online presence. A website, or at least a social media profile , is a must. Every serious business, regardless of whether it is a local hairdressing salon or a large enterprise, has its own profile on the Internet. At a time when customers can literally choose the options without leaving home, it makes entering the industry a bit difficult.

The ability to gain the attention of potential customers and stand out from the competition is worth its weight in gold. How to manage your website in such a way that it attracts the attention of potential buyers? One way is to provide relevant, tailor-made content. An important and, unfortunately, often neglected page is the “About us” tab, also known as “About me” or “About the company”. Let’s find out why!

Who needs an About us page?

Although it may seem obvious, many people, companies or enterprises forget how important the “About us” tab is. And yet it is a showcase of a given company or person. How you present yourself on this page can affect whether a customer decides to use your services or not.

About us is most often visited by people who visit the site for the first time and want to get to know your company. So it is a great opportunity to make the right first impression. It is also visited by people who are considering a purchase or investment and are looking for the ultimate motivation to choose your website, not the services of the competition. So you need to use this tab to send the final impulse to complete the transaction.

So who needs the “About us” tab? Virtually any business. It doesn’t matter if you are a freelance artist, freelancer, online craft store, large car plant, etc. If you run a business, it means you need clients. And clients are worth introducing. Why? Check below!

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How to write a good About Us page – Practical tips

A well-written “About us” page can bring a number of benefits that can directly translate into the development of your company. Before we get down to that, however, let’s consider what it means that the About page is well written. There is no one universal template. Just as every business is different, so are the descriptions. However, there are some universal tips that you can use to significantly improve the quality of your website content. When writing the page “About us”, pay attention to the following:

  1. This site is primarily for your customers. Think about who your target audience is. Get to know them, create an example customer profile, and think about what might appeal to him.

  1. Tell about your business in a simple and understandable way. Do not use too much words or write too much. A customer can easily get discouraged by seeing a large block of text. In addition, if you speak too narrowly, the customer may feel that your services are overly complicated to use. Simplify it, give the client the feeling that working with you is intuitive, and that you are there to help.

  1. Be authentic. Nothing is lost on the Internet and everything can be easily verified. So be real and authentic in your description, reassure the client that there is a real person or team of people you can trust on the other side of the screen.

  1. Stand out. When writing the “About us” tab, it is worth focusing on originality. “Copy – paste” is unacceptable here. Use emotions in the content, refer to the needs of your client. Introduce yourself and your team and reassure the client that they are in good hands.
  2. Show off. The “About Us” tab is the perfect place to reassure your client about your uniqueness and what makes your services better than your competitors. Do you have a long work record? That’s great, be sure to tell about it! Has your company won awards and distinctions? It’s great! You can even add your certificates and diplomas as graphics below the text!

Is the SEO optimization of the About Us page important?

The SEO industry has grown at a dizzying pace. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This process consists in matching the content in such a way that search engines can find and catalog the page more easily. In practice, this means that depending on how well the website is optimized in terms of SEO, the higher it will be in the search engine. This will make it easier for customers to find it. So, is SEO optimization important? Yes, very important! Even if you provide the best service in the world, if your customers don’t find out about it, you won’t earn money.

There are many tools to help you optimize your content. For example, if you create your website in WordPress, the system automatically checks how your texts are presented, and then provides you with specific tips to help improve them. It is worth adding here that creating SEO-optimized content in WordPress is really relatively simple and intuitive.

Another SEO issue that affects your website’s search engine rankings is using the right keywords. These are phrases that are most often used in the context of the content you want to convey. By using the right keywords, you know that the customer looking for a specific solution will find what they are looking for. For example, if you have an auto parts store, you can use the phrase in the text. “Cheap car batteries” knowing it’s one of the most searched phrases in your industry.


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How can you benefit from a well-written About Us page?

What the customer finds in the “About us” tab may affect whether the customer chooses your website or decides to spend his money with the competition. By writing the “About us” page, you create the brand image that you want your customers to see. You have a chance to introduce yourself and gain their trust. Let’s look at the benefits of a well-written About Us page:

  • A well-written About Us page will also be well optimized for online searches. This means that it will provide you with good visibility and attract more visitors to your website,
  • It will allow you to present your strengths and build a professional, trustworthy image,
  • It will allow you to highlight your greatest achievements, awards or other issues that you are extremely proud of,
  • From the very beginning, it will show your customers why it is your services, not those of your competitors, that they should choose.
  • It will help to maintain good relations with customers. You are not anonymous for them – they know who they are dealing with.

If writing is not your forte, you do not know where to start, or you simply do not have time, rely on professionals and contact us , we will write a text tailored to you.

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