Is it worth investing in UX? Here are 5 reasons.

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09 December, 2021

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Why is it worth investing in UX?

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The name UX, or User Experience, is quite defining in itself. It is all about ensuring the best possible experience for using a given product.

What constitutes User Experience, what are the benefits of designing websites with UX in mind and why is it worth investing in user experience? Read to the end and you’ll find out everything.

UX and websites

The broadly understood UX consists of all the factors that contribute to a positive user experience. Such experiences cover each of the stages, i.e. even the first seconds of contact with a website or product. Below is a list of the most frequently mentioned components of a well-optimized UX website:

  1. Page loading time – shapes the first impression. If a page takes a long time to load or stutters, the user will start to get irritated and will simply switch to another page.
  2. Appearance and aesthetics – another factor that creates a first impression. To a large extent, we are primarily visual learners. We are more fun to use aesthetically designed websites than those with a raw interface.
  3. Functionality – availability of useful and facilitating functions.
  4. Intuitiveness – and hence – simplicity. The user wants the actions on the page to be as simple as possible. For example, when using an online store, the buyer does not want to spend too much time looking for the “Buy” button or looking for payment instructions. A website that is well-designed in terms of UX will intuitively guide the customer from the first visit to the transaction finalization.
  5. Accessibility of information – according to the principle, the simpler the better. Easy access to information and a clear way of presenting it make it much easier for the user to use the website.

Designing with User Experience in mind

Designing websites with User Experience in mind does not have to be much more complicated, time-consuming or even require large financial outlays. It can include seemingly small but very practical changes, such as adjusting the color and size of the font.

A common mistake is to use a font that is too small or faintly distinct from the background, so the user must spend a moment finding what he needs. Another minor change is the positive CTA (call to action) windows that will immediately take the user to the desired page, e.g. BUY NOW for online stores, BOOK YOUR VISIT for services such as beauty salon websites etc.

It is worth remembering that nowadays almost every serious business is reflected in the virtual world. So if your website does not meet the user’s expectations, it will easily find a few others to replace you. How to prevent it?

Investing in UX – the greatest benefits

In order to attract the attention of the user, i.e. a potential customer, you must first of all stand out from the competition. Usually, we start our internet search by entering a given phrase in the Google search engine. The higher on the list and the more convincing the description, the more likely we are to click on the link. Such positioning is influenced by good SEO optimization . If the user has already visited your site, then half the battle is behind you. Now you just have to keep it and encourage it to come back. And that’s what UX is responsible for.

Moreover, it is not irrelevant here. Every aspect of your website, from the loading time, has a huge impact on how the user perceives your brand. This, in turn, translates into whether they will complete the transaction, subscribe to the newsletter, buy your product, etc.

Moreover, a satisfied customer often comes back. Not only that, it spends more. Statistics show that customers who have a positive experience with a given website spend on average 140% more than dissatisfied customers. Additionally, you can count on being recommended to new users, so you will gain new customers and increase your profits.

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UX applications

So why is it worth investing in User Experience?

The investment in User Experience begins at the stage of designing the website. Considering the most intuitive use of the website, the one that will make it easier for the user to experience it, and also distinguish you from the competition, you provide yourself with:

  • Better profits. A satisfied customer is more willing to spend money. So you build a base of loyal, returning customers.
  • Free advertising . A satisfied customer is more likely to leave a good review and recommend your services to their friends.
  • Development of your business. The more customers, the more opportunities to develop and expand the offer.
  • Save time and labor. Well-done UX optimization means that you do not have to spend time, for example, answering customer questions about product return, payment method, etc., because the customer can easily find this information himself.
  • Distinction from the competition. If you go with the times and adapt your website to the latest trends, taking care of a good user experience, you will quickly leave your rivals behind.

The strategic consulting company McKinsey & Company has prepared a report which shows that companies that have invested in UX design have revenues 100% higher than the competition. The benefits are obvious. Don’t wait, invest in UX development now!

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